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Under Barns

Avoid Disruption With Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling enables RZ Trenching & Directional Drilling to perform trenchless underground installations with minimal disruption to surfaces and above ground activity.

  • Installation of gas, electric, water, and telecommunications

  • Boring under roads, landscaping, water crossings, parking lot lighting, lawn sprinkler sleeves, pole barn water and electric, water services, and sewers

  • Ensuring minimal environmental disruption

  • Installations in diverse soil conditions

Directional drilling is ideal for

Boring under objects in the way allowing us to bypass above ground obstacles, such as roads, driveways and parking lots, streams and wet areas, lawns and landscaping, and buildings and other obstacles.


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Boring for Electric Fiber Schuller Books Building Brick building

Boring between light poles after asphalt replacement damages existing electric conduits.

Boring in electric for security, accent lighting. No restoration of landscape needed!

Boring under a footing Pull back 4" Car garage boring through the basement wall Car garage boring through the basement wall

Boring under a footing.

Pull back 4" for wood boiler, water, electric, low voltage conduit.

Car garage boring through the basement wall.

boring for electric and fiber boring for electric and fiber boring for electric and fiber boring for electric and fiber boring for electric and fiber 2" for fire suppression Boring in hill side

Boring in hill side, side pulling back 4"

2" for fire suppression, electric

Boring for electric, fiber